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Taylor Farm’s commitment to Earth Day is every day

Qualico Communities understands that a neighbourhood is an organic living thing, which is why Taylor Farm is thoughtfully designed to retain the area’s lush and tranquil riverbank forest by utilizing several sustainable features such as constructed wetlands and native plantings.

Preparing your garden in autumn

Colourful foliage marks the end of gardening season which can be bittersweet. As temperatures begin to shift and sunlight conditions decline, this is the time to start planning your autumn to-do list. Doing so will ensure your plants stay healthy over the winter and into the spring. Here are some tasks to do before the ground freezes:

Scavenger hunt on the trails

Get on the trails this summer to enjoy the natural beauty that is woven throughout Taylor Farm. Trails wind along our naturalized wetlands, which provide homes for a variety of prairie wildlife while creating serene settings where residents can slow down to escape the bustle of the city.

Blow the whistle on thistle

Canada thistle is a perennial, noxious weed that has spear-like leaves with sharp barbs. This species has a deep and extensive root system that can rapidly grow back from even a small piece of root.

Explore the beauty of Beaudry Provincial Park

Residents of Taylor Farm are less than a 10 minute drive away from enjoying the tranquil beauty of Beaudry Provincial Park. This local gem is nestled along the Assiniboine River, just west of Headingley.

The Basswood Forest

In Taylor Farm, there is a beautiful preserved basswood forest located along the perimeter of the community. These particular trees can be seen across the province, however, a natural basswood grove is certainly a rarity. This preserved space is incorporated into Taylor Farm through the use of neighbourhood paths and trails leading down to its location.

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